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"LOVING HELL" (cz Title: "ANNA") (Feature film - Filmia s.r.o.)
A.V.: Location Manager
Script and Director: Alice Nellis, DOP: Ramunas Greicius, Production Designer: Frantisek Liptak, .. )
- feature film in development with Stephen Dillane and Geraldine James in principal parts
- finalist for 2004 Sundance/NHK Award , filming in 2005

(Feature film - Media 8 Entertainment production)
A.V.: Location Manager
Dir.: Wayne Kramer, Producer: Michael Pierce, Executive Producer: Andrew Pfeffer, DOP: James Whitaker, Production Designer: Toby Corbett/ - action drama movie with Paul Walker in a principal part, also staring: Cameron Bright, Johnny Messner, Michael Cudlitz, Morgan Johnson, Chazz Palminteri, Vera Farmiga, Alex Neuberger, Karel Roden, Ivana Milicevic ..

"Slither" (Music Video - Band:VELVET REVOLVER - ex Guns and Roses)
A.V.: Location Manager

"VAN HELSING" (Feature film) - Carpathian Pictures, LLC / Universal Studios
A.V.: 2nd Unit Location Manager
Directed by Stephen Sommers / Greg Michael

"CHILDREN OF DUNE " (6 hours miniseries) - Touchstone Television production
A.V.: Location Manager
Dir.: Greg Yaitanes, Producer: David Kappes, Executive Producers: Richard Rubinstein, DOP: Arthur Reinhart, Prod.Designer: Ondrej Nekvasil, Costumes Designer: Theodor Pistek
- based on a Frank Herbert´s novel with Susan Sarandon in a principal part

"SOME SECRETS" (cz: "VYLET") (100 min, feature film) - Filmia s.r.o. production
A.V.: Location Manager
Script & Director: Alice Nellis, Producer: Pavel Solc, DOP: Ramunas Greicius, Production Designer: Petr Fort, Music: Tomas Polak, Sound: Jiri Klenka, Editor: Josef Valusiak
- world premiere: 21 March 2002

(2 x 90 min.)- Touchstone Television production.
A.V.: Location Manager
Executive Producer: Hans Proppe, Producer: David Kappes, Script: Kirk Ellis, Director: Robert Dornhelm, DOP: Elemer Ragályi, Designer: Ondrej Nekvasil
- based on Melissa Muller´s Anne Frank Biography staring: Hannah Taylor Gordon, Ben Kingsley, Lili Taylor, Brenda Blethyn, Tatjana Blacher, Jessica Manley, Nick Audsley, Joachim Krol, Jan Niklas, ..

(2 x 90 min. episodes) - HBO production.
A.V.: Location Manager
Dir.: Peter MacDonald, Producer: Steve Harding, DOP: David Connell, Prod.Designer: Martin Hitchcock, staring: Russell Wong, Thomas Gibson, Kabir Bedi

"DUNE 2000"
(6 hours miniseries) - ABC Television production
A.V.: Location Manager
Dir.: John Harrison, Producer: David Kappes, Executive Producers: Richard Rubinstein, Mitchell Galin, DOP: Vittorio Storaro, Prod.Designer: Kreka, Costume Designer: Theodor Pistek
- based on a Frank Herbert´s novel, staring: William Hurt, Alec Newman,Saskia Reeves, Uwe Ochsenknecht,..

leaving Space Films, becoming free lense Location Manager

"Warriors" (2 x 75 min.) (work.title Peacekeepers)
A.V.: Location Manager
Dir.: Peter Kosminsky, Producer: Nigel Stafford-Clark, Executive Producers: Jane Tranter a Gareth Neame, BBC London: Michael Wood
- the story of British Batallion during the war in Bosnia, shooting in Czech Republic for BBC Television

"The Scarlet Pimpernel I." (Episodes 3 x 90 min.)
A.V.: Location Manager
Dir.: Patrick Lau (1.+2.), Ed Bennett (3.), Producer: Julian Murphy, executive producer: Tony Virgo, BBC Birmingham: Trevor West, John Greening
- period features - TV episodes from the period of French Revolution, shooting in Czech Republic for BBC Television. The principal casts: Richard E Grant, Elizabeth Mc Govern, Martin Shaw

"The Archaic Procession"
A.V.: Location Manager
Dir.& Producer: Samer Feghali
- artificial documentary about sculptures exhibition ( Happening ) in the streets and on the bridges of Prague, the illusion of meeting Kafka and Kandinsky, ...

"Bajecna leta pod psa" (The Wonderful Years That Sucked)
A.V.: Location Manager
Dir.: Petr Nikolaev, Producer: Jiri Jezek (Space Films)
- feature film based on Michal Viewegh´s best seller novel, comedy, which covers the story of one Czech family during the years 1962 - 1990, screenplay by Jan Novák (cowriter of the script of Milos Forman´s Valmont), principal cast: Libuse Safrankova and Ondrej Vetchy

"Kolja" (Kolya)
A.V.: Asst. Location Manager
Dir.: Jan Sverak, Producer: Eric Abraham (Portobello Pictures-London) & Jan Sverak
- the most successful feature film of the Czech film history, not only at the box-office it also gets 6 Czech Film Academy Awards - "Czech Lions", American Golden Globe Award, American Film Academy Award Oscar, ...

"Sakali leta" (Big Beat)
A.V.: Production Accountant Assistant
Dir.: Jan Hrebejk, Producer: Jirí Jezek (Space Films), Music: Ivan Hlas
- feature film- musical comedy about Rock´n´Roll movement in Prague in 1959, hails in a new era of Czech filmmaking

"Dedictví aneb Kurvahosigutentag" (The Inheritance)
A.V.: Production Accountant Assistant
Dir: Vera Chytilová, Producer: Jiri Jezek (Space Films)
- feature film directed by the internationally acclaimed Vera Chytilova, opened in December, 1992. Though Czech film faces hard competition from the American film industry, The Inheritance was the No.1 film in the new Czech Republic in January, 1993 , stars Bolek Polívka and turns the bureaucratic tangle of returning state property, the process called "Restitution", into a comic farce

"Černí baroni" (Black Barons)
A.V.: Production Accountant Assistant
Dir.:Zdenek Sirovy,Producer: AB Barrandov
- feature film, based on the M.Svandrlík´s best seller novel

started to work in a new film company Space Films

started to work in one of two state film companies in former Czechoslovakia - "Kratky Film"(KF) - as an Production Assistant and later as a Production coordinator. Worked on feature films, documentaries and educational films

graduated from the School of Economics in Prague

14 May born in Prague


A.V.: Location Manager
- commercials for various advertising companies

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