Pavel TYPOLT - Production Manager / Unit Manager

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"RUNNING SCARED" (Feature film - Media 8 Entertainment production)
P.T.: Unit Manager
Dir.: Wayne Kramer, Producer: Michael Pierce, Executive Producer: Andrew Pfeffer, DOP: James Whitaker, Production Designer: Toby Corbett/ - action drama movie with Paul Walker in a principal part, also staring: Cameron Bright, Johnny Messner, Michael Cudlitz, Morgan Johnson, Chazz Palminteri, Vera Farmiga, Alex Neuberger, Karel Roden, Ivana Milicevic ..

Commercials - European Touch Productions
P.T.: Production Manager

"VAN HELSING" (Feature film) - Carpathian Pictures, LLC / Universal Studios
P.T.: 2nd Unit Production Manager
Directed by Stephen Sommers / Greg Michael

Commercials for Japanese Market - European Touch Productions
(6 x TOYOTA, 1 x SUBARU)
P.T.: Production Manager

Orange Day - Festival on Charles Bridge, SBProject (CZ)
P.T.: Production Manager

- New Line Cinema production
P.T.: Production Manager

(2 x 90 min. episodes) - HBO production.
P.T.: Unit Manager
Dir.: Peter MacDonald, Producer: Steve Harding, DOP: David Connell, Prod.Designer: Martin Hitchcock, staring: Russell Wong, Thomas Gibson, Kabir Bedi

"DUNE 2000"
(6 hours miniseries) - ABC Television production
P.T.: Unit Manager
Dir.: John Harrison, Producer: David Kappes, Executive Producers: Richard Rubinstein, Mitchell Galin, DOP: Vittorio Storaro, Prod.Designer: Kreka, Costume Designer: Theodor Pistek
- based on a Frank Herbert´s novel, staring: William Hurt, Alec Newman,Saskia Reeves, Uwe Ochsenknecht,..

leaving Space Films, becoming free lense Location Manager

"Warriors" (2 x 75 min.) (work.title Peacekeepers)
P.T.: Unit Manager
Dir.: Peter Kosminsky, Producer: Nigel Stafford-Clark, Executive Producers: Jane Tranter a Gareth Neame, BBC London: Michael Wood
- the story of British Batallion during the war in Bosnia, shooting in Czech Republic for BBC Television

"Der Bear Ist Lost"
- Senator film (D)
P.T.: 2nd AD

"All my loved ones" - In-Film Praha (CZ, SK, PL)
P.T.: Unit Manager

"The Scarlet Pimpernel I." (Episodes 3 x 90 min.)
P.T.: Unit Manager
Dir.: Patrick Lau (1.+2.), Ed Bennett (3.), Producer: Julian Murphy, executive producer: Tony Virgo, BBC Birmingham: Trevor West, John Greening
- period features - TV episodes from the period of French Revolution, shooting in Czech Republic for BBC Television. The principal casts: Richard E Grant, Elizabeth Mc Govern, Martin Shaw

Partner of the private consulting company

Alcatel - World-wide leading private and public telecommunication systems provider
P.T.: Marketing and Sales Director for CZ Market

Private enterprise - film and other cultural events production

Krátký film Praha - feature movie and TV series production
P.T.: Unit Manager

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